DEUTER MT-06 Folding Magnetic Bike Trainer 26-28inch Low Noise MTB Mountain Bike Road Bicycle Training Station Indoor Fitness Cycling Trainer


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Model MT06
Product Name Bicycle Trainer
Stainless Steel
Engineering Plastics
Color Black
Weight About 9kg
With Wire Controler Yes
Suitable for 26~28 inch bikes
Maximum Loading 135kg


Suitable for bike with 26- 28inch wheel.
Steel with magnetic wheel .
Portable and can be folded, Easy to handle
Good for indoor training and fittness training.

This item is not suitable for the use of cylindrical shaft structure.

It is advisable to use the wear-resisting slicks when use the bike trainer to greatly reduce the noise due to the friction. 
Acutually, you know, any magnetic bike trainer will have some noise, it is not the noise from the bike trainer,
it is due to the friction between the tire and bike trainer.

Package Included:

1x Magnetoresistive Resistance Device
1X Front Wheel Pad
1x Dedicated Quick Demolition Pole
1x Magnetoresistive Screws
1x Wrench
1x Adjustable Wire Control
1x Tire Pressure Regulator
4x Screw

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