Kingmagic Flash Cube Restore Magic Props Magic Cube G0682


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Kingmagic Flash Cube Restore Magic Props  Magic Cube G0682

Brand: Kingmgagic
Item: Flash Cube Restore
Item NO.: G0682

The magician takes out a colorfully disordered Rubik’s Cube, and right in-front of the audience, he restores the cubes to its proper color grouping within 1 second!!!
This prop is very easy to operate, and is suitable for amateurs as well as professionals; and it can be used for performing anytime anywhere as well. With this prop, you too can restore the Rubik’s Cube in just a flash, with just 1 second.

The Rubik’s Cube is about 6cm on each side, and is packaged in a lovely paper box.
Gentle Reminder:  In a performance, the magician’s logic, movements, language and behavior are all very important. Although this prop is very simple at its crux, besides practicing the usage of the prop, practice on your acting skills as well!

Packag Included:
1 X Flash Cube Restore


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